The sun has finally broken through here on the island after days of rain, and because it may last only a few more minutes, I shall celebrate with an unearned work break. Cowabunga, it’s blogsurfing time!

Ooh, here’s a goody.

It’s PROMPTuesday at San Diego Momma! Today is PROMPTuesday #61: Imagine That…

  • Describe an experience you have never had but have heard about and can imagine. Describe this experience in the first person singular, present tense as it is happening (rules)

pondering…  pondering…

Ah, yes.  I offer this brief moment in the sun to the haunting Peruvian/German dark eyes of my beautiful Benjamin.


People often ask me, “Talisa Soto (because even though I’m married to Benjamin Bratt, I don’t use his surname, and who cares if it’s odd to use both my names when addressing me), what is it like to wake up next to such a babe?”

Really, I don’t mind when fans ask such prying questions, because I’m happily resigned to my life as Benjamin’s wife first, his Baby Mama second, and an actress/model third. “Oh, yes [I giggle and toss my hair back] he IS such a babe, isn’t he?”

As far as waking up next to him, I’m usually up by sunrise so I can enjoy every moment before he wakes admiring his sleeping face and air-tracing the outline of his rock hard abs.

When he’s away from home – on location shooting The Cleaner or a movie – I usually spend the mornings with my face in his pillow taking in the delicious lingering smell of his hair. Then I’ll send him the first of many love-texts throughout the day, like “I love you Benny-boo! Smooches from your beautiful once-super-model wife who’s now quite content to raise our genetically perfect children.”

Oh, and Julia, if you’re reading this, stop giving me the stink-eye at the Academy Awards. You may have an Oscar, but I WAS in Mortal Kombat and I WILL take you down!

Er, ahem, what’s was I saying? Anyway, I’ve gotta go. I’m meeting Benjamin for afternoon cappuccinos, and I don’t want to miss wiping the foam off his goatee.