I watched Steve Jobs present the iPad today and I had an A-ha moment.  Glued to the screen during the entire hour-long presentation that included guest speakers with titles like Director of Technology and VP of Gaming Technology, I ACTUALLY ooh-d and aah-d like I was watching a 4th of July fireworks show.  And that’s when it hit me: I’m not just a geek-lover, I AM a geek.

The term geek always seemed to me to be reserved for Programmers or “The Squad” at Best Buy, or anyone listed under the Help Desk department.  But these are just folks who enjoy technology, or at least find it interesting, and have the talent to perpetuate its presence in our daily lives.

And guess what?  That’s me!  Despite never having worn a Star Trek costume on Halloween, I have managed to steer my life down a path that is merging with geek highway.  And hell, I like it here.  It’s fast and smooth.  And sexy.

Just down the beach from Windansea - La Jolla, CA

This is where my husband proposed to me.  And this is the image that stays with me like a ghost image burnt on a screen. When I close my eyes and breathe fresh air deep into my lungs, the rushing sound becomes an echo of waves rolling over soft sand, and the image floods back to me. Again and again.

From Gather Saturday Writing Essentials – Prompt for the week:
Write a small piece, prose or poem, that affirms your creativity, Write from a position of strength. Or face a small fear or insecurity honestly. Tell us how you affirm your decision to live a creative life. (Feel free to be as metaphorical as you wish. Just be sure that when you read it, it resonates)

* * *

I wear a suit. The pieces are cut from music, from movement, from images. From words that cry out.

Underneath the suit I am a conduit. Pulsing with a mass of buzzing frenetic cells, I relay skewed ideas through my voice. Through my hand I transmit unusual.

They’re pesky truths, these laden thoughts. Most days dismissed. But sometimes, when I’m distracted or completely occupied, the flood pushes through and I create. So the suit gets a new vest or brooch. A spark lights in someone’s eyes and I’m charged again.